Keith Bogardus

An Ordinary Individual With Extraordinary Tastes

Unit 6: WWII

Major Concepts: Historical Thinking, Turning Point, Power, Conflict/War, Culture/Diversity, American Identity

Key Topics:

                  Dictators & Beginning of War

                        American Reaction & Response

                        Turning Point Battles

                        America at Home

                        End of War - Yalta & Potsdam

America on the Sidelines Interactive

Click on hyperlink. You may need to enable Adobe .

Here is the link for primary sources regarding countries attempts at avoiding direct conflict with Germany. Link

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Go to this link and read the provided primary sources.

Then answer the following questions with evidence from the text. Email your answers to me:

1. According to Hideki Tojo, what actions had the United States taken that made reaching a diplomatic resolution impossible?

2. Why is Winston Churchill happy about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

3. What explanation does Zinn give for the United States going to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor? From past discussions of primary sources, is there evidence of U.S. citizens agreeing with Zinn's view at that time?


WWII - Big Events

Current groups will create a timeline, outlining the major events and battles of World War II using the Timeline Program at:
and their textbook:

For each event listed in the textbook, groups must do the following:
1.Place the event on the timeline

2.Attach a picture that represents event.

3.Explain the cause, effect, and significance of each event on the timeline (1 paragraph each). 

Besides the links provided on my website, I have provided a few additional sites here:

The goal of this assignment is for students to independently research key events of WWII, and understand the impact each had on the war as a whole. Students will be graded on the following criteria:

             Completion of all events on timeline.
             The quality of separate paragraphs describing causes and effects of each event on the timeline.
             The accuracy of a chosen paragraph accompanying each event on the timeline. 
             PLUS: completion of both groups timelines during presentation.