Keith Bogardus

Unit 3: Law and Legal System

Major Concepts:

checks and balances,

limited government,

rule of law,

public policy,

due process,

public opinion,

rights and responsibilities,


Interest Group Brochure/Poster/PPT


Choose an interest group from one of the following websites:

Create a brochure/poster/PPT detailing information on the group. Include the following:

  1. At least two pictures (if brochure- one on the front, one on the inside)

  2. Background: How did it start?

  3. What are their main goals?  

  4. Activities: What have they done to reach these goals? (bills supported, acts passed, Congressmen elected, etc.)

  5. Financial Records: Can you easily find this group’s financial records? Would you consider them transparent? Can you give an example (how much money did they spend on advertising last year? etc.)

  6. Response: Why did you pick this group? Do you think their work is important? Do you have any criticisms?