The Grind

Since the average coffee drinker buys there coffee ready to brew, they often confuse grind with roasting. Grinding fresh roasted coffee in a burr grinder right before brewing will provide the best flavor profile those beans offer.

Buying pre-ground coffee in bags or K-cups is often chosen by people who understand the cost savings of brewing there own coffee over buying it brewed from a store, but they are continuing to perform actions that contribute to our hectic, consumption-based lifestyle.

Start grinding your own coffee. Experiment with the level of coarseness you prefer for your chosen coffee bean. The type of brewing method you use has a recommended range of coarseness. The wrong grind will negatively affect the flavor of the coffee. It doesn’t mean you can choose to grind the beans finer than recommended. The recommended range will give you a place to start from.

The next section on brewing provides the suggested coarseness for each method.

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