Keith Bogardus

Student Review Assignment

Review Activities (take a look at link on my website for review):

As a group create a review activity for the rest of the class. Your review should include some product that your classmates need to complete to show that they understand the material. You can create an activity that is digital (Kahoot, Jeopardy) or physical ( a board game, activity sheets). You will need to review the information first before expecting your classmates to provide responses.

You should use the textbook, your notes and look at the review document that is linked in Unit 7 on this site.

Assigned Topics:

Founding Info - p. 2 - p. 33 - Mishayla and Tori

Constitution Influences - p. 34 - p. 52 - Philosophes, English documents and institutions. Rhyan Capri

The Constitution p. 53 - p 92 - Amendments, Bill of Rights, Federalism - Allen and Ariel

Rights and Responsibilities p. 106 - Elected Leaders - 248 & Political System - 268 - Abby, Dillon and Aidan, Gabe

State government - 198 - Justin and Zack, Riley

Local government - 224 - For each discuss branches of government and powers.

Paying for Government - 290 - Danielle and Skylar

Supreme Court Cases -

Branches of Governments - Separation of Powers, Checks and

Balances - p. 93 and beyond - Nim and Madeline

Economics - p. 446 - p. 552 - 530 - includes business cycle and circular-flow model -  Jasmine and Nate