The Joy of Scents

Ever entered a restaurant and have the smell trigger memories?

Smells have the power to evoke the most profound feelings in us. Our taste buds rely on our ability to smell to discern the different characteristics in foods. A smell can make us salivate or recoil in revulsion. It can evoke memories long forgotten.

There are numerous ways scents are delivered to us. Each method serves specific purposes. Teenage boys seems to think that Axe body sprays will attract women. My mom thinks that the rain shower disinfectant she uses makes her house smell cleaner than the fresh linens scent. Real estate agents will bake muffins or cookies, or burn candles scented to smell like baking occurred, to give prospective buyers the feeling they are home.

The scents discussed in this section stand out from the majority you will encounter in stores, unless you somehow learned about them on a website like this one.

Explore these unique fragrances in their varied forms.

"I hate when I go over to someone’s house and they got that air freshener smell. Who are you fooling? I know you did something smelly and now you don’t want me to smell it, right? It’s some kind of illegal odor out there and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Right? It’s always some lemon-scented thing, right? Lemons. I’m in the bathroom. Lemons. What, is there a lemonade stand in here somewhere? I’d like a glass of lemonade. And it never just smells like lemons. It always smells like lemons and ass you know what I’m saying? Like a lemon ass (Laughter) And nothing beats ass. (Laughter) Lemon’s just trying to catch up. - Dave Attell