Keith Bogardus

Saturday School

If you were directed to this page it means that you have missed enough classes that you require a huge bump in your grade to pass the semester. It also means that the work you need to complete has to be of significant quality to justify that bump.

I have assigned you one of the following topics, or possibly another topic. You should create a final product that matches what is described here:

Product: In the form of a written notes document and a PowerPoint (include pictures) that incorporates the main ideas and themes for the topic given. Questions that should be answered are provided for the two topics below. The product should be of a quality that would benefit your classmates’ understanding on that period in U.S. history.


(The Lead Up to the War - US Involvement in Both Theaters of the War - The Results of - The Long Term Consequences)

Provide a list of causes for the start of WWII

What factors led the United States into WII? Address both theaters of conflict.

What congressional measures paved the way for the U.S. entry into the war?

What challenges did they face? What successes did they have?

How did the war impact the U.S. homefront during wartime?

Government regulations?


Treatment of minority and ethnic groups?

How did the war come to an end in both theaters of battle?

What long term impact did the war have on the United States government, politicians and citizens?

In what ways was the Cold War a response to the failures of WWI?

How did the U.S. interact and engage with other countries and other powers post-war and beyond?

Time of Change - The 1950s - The Early 1970s:

How was the 1950s and 1960s a time of social change?

Focus on - The Other America - starting on 866

AND - conformity, motorcycle gangs (WWII GIs), civil rights 1950s and 1960s (groups and government actions), the Beats, young college left leaning views, protests, the Vietnam War, Latin Americans in California (Chavez), American Indians. Women’s Rights/ERA