Keith Bogardus

Senior Seminar Product Description

1.For my senior project I have chosen the topic of :

2. My prior knowledge with this topic includes  :


3. I chose to learn more about this topic because:

4.  2 goals I hope to accomplish for my 15 hours of outside class work are :


5.  A rough breakdown of how I plan to spend my 15 hours is :

6 hours due by March 30th will include:

2nd 6 hours due by April 28th will include:

Last 3 hours due by 15th will include:

6. The estimated cost and materials for accomplishing my goals are:

7.  My mentor is:

I found my mentor by:

My mentor is qualified to help me with this topic because:

My mentor will help me for at least 5 of my 15 hours by:

Other people that may help me complete my 15 hours are:

8. For my required 15 pictures I will be documenting :

9. If I decide to make a short video the focus will include:

10. For  my final presentation I plan on incorporating the following visual aids

to show the judges my accomplishments and knowledge: