Keith Bogardus

History Sites

This is a running list of reliable websites for research history topics.

Note: You can find links to complete textbooks on the main subject specific page.

Scholarly Journals and Research

A-B Tech - Don C. Locke Library - Your A-B Tech ID will give you access to a wealth of information.

Library Genesis - an open source repository for journals and articles

Wolframalpha - an amazing resource for all subjects

Start Page - anonymous like Duck Duck Go, link directs to advanced search

Google Advanced Search

Utilities & Sundries

Radiooooo - Music from around the world & different time in history

Speedtest - How fast is your connection?

Alternativeto - free software alternatives

OneLook Reverse Dictionary - The right word makes all the difference!

Unsplash - Photos for Everyone - royalty free photos

Royalty Free Music - Option #1

Royalty Free Music - Option #2

Graphs in Many Shapes and Forms

Ambient Sounds for Focusing - background noise for when the silence is deafening

Muckrock - a site dedicated to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act

Parked Government Dumped Docs.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - dedicated to protecting your digital privacy

Yarn - find video clips by quote

Million Short




The True Size of

Standard EBooks

A 7 of 9 Reference for Site oR

Neural Network