Colognes and Perfumes

Everyone has fragrances they prefer. Some people prefer the smell that their body releases. Many factors will influence the smell we release into our environment. Our body chemistry is a major contributor, as well as the foods we eat and the environmental odors of places we routinely occupy. Some fragrances compliment your body's scent, some enhance, while many just mask it.

Colognes have the potential of becoming the next crusade for people who feel that the world should consider how everything makes them feel. I have been to places where there are signs posted telling me not to wear perfume. No, it wasn't written for me. I wear a scent even if I'm staying home all day. It's something I do for myself. A great scent had the power to lift my mood, direct my thinking, or transport me.

The two companies I chose to highlight consistently release quality fragrances that rise above the ordinary. They are beyond exceptional in their approach to blending.  In my mind, Nasomatto is King of scents and Etat Libre d'Orange is Queen. There are other companies that innovate or produce quality scents and some of them can be found on the honorable mentions page.

One page in this section is dedicated to oud. Oud is a rare product that is often used in colognes. It stands alone as a single origin fragrance.  For me, oud is a scent that rises to a spiritual experience. Unfortunately it is becoming harder to obtain, more expensive and frequently counterfeited. I offer suggestions on where to obtain the best alternatives to pure oud