The Joy of Coffee

When I was a kid, my mom would take me grocery shopping. At the front of the store was a little table offering free coffee from a heated urn. My mom would pour the coffee into a foam cup, put a few packets of sugar and some powdered cream into it and stir. I remember trying it and thinking it the most nasty thing in the world.

Our understanding and regard for coffee has come a long way since then. Some credit has to go to Starbucks, just not too much since these days they seem to sell more designer sugar-packed drinks than coffee. People today prefer quality, fresh roasted coffee over the canned coffee that was once the only option.

Current consumers are not much different than coffee drinkers of old. They’ve come to accept a certain standard and only allow for minimal degrees of satisfaction from each cup of coffee. Most consumers become brand loyal to ensure they receive a similar product each time.

But there is more to get from coffee than consistent satisfaction. You can tailor the coffee experience to your personal preferences. If you are buying coffee on your way to work, you are not only wasting money, you are also contributing to the hectic mindset in your life. Make your coffee at home, treat it like a ritual. Prepare your coffee, intently focusing on each step in the process. When you make your own coffee, you control many of the variables that make the coffee more than a caffeine delivery system.

The best cup of coffee comes down to 4 factors: